Responsible Vaping

Responsible Vaping

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Responsible Vaping

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E-Cigarettes & E-liquids by EasyPuff South Africa

Easypuff™ is renowned for its high quality, low prices, convenience, and outstanding service. Here you can buy top-quality electronic cigarettes. We invite you to browse through our online electronic cigarette store where you can take advantage of our exceptional deals. is not just another website selling electronic cigarettes for a profit, and promoting a brand name. Educating the public and our customers about the benefits of "vaping" as opposed to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes matters to us. We offer quality e-cigarettes at an affordable price, accommodating tighter budgets. Our name says it all -- Easypuff™ -- it's about "vaping" without Tar, Ash, and carbon monoxide -- a more PURE way to smoke. Smoking an electronic cigarette provides you with the oral satisfaction of inhaling and exhaling vapour, without the harmful side effects of traditional cigarette smoke.

A battery-operated electronic cigarette resembles a tobacco cigarette, which typically contains more than 4000 chemicals. But, unlike tobacco cigarettes, an E-cigarette does not contain those chemicals and other toxins. The electronic cigarette produces a smoke-like vapour without burning tobacco. This means NO second-hand smoke will harm others around you because electronic cigarettes contain NO carcinogens or tar. You will be able to enjoy smoking (vaping) in public places with complete confidence. We do ask you to be respectful of other people and establishment owners by asking if they allow "Vaping" on their premises.

Important Notice

Dear Customers, please be advised that due to the lock down we are unable to ship any online orders.

As soon as our Government allows the shipping of tobacco products and e-cigarettes then we will be able to ship online orders.